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She had the world at her feet.

Sam Bloom had travelled to some of the world’s most remote places, fallen deeply in love and married her shy, funny, scruffy and tirelessly hardworking soulmate Cameron. As a nurse she had worked with Lords and Nobel peace prize nominees, with the wealthy and the desperately poor, before settling into a life of sun, surf, and adventure overlooking Newport Beach with three gorgeous sons.

‘In that instant, I had the perfect life. I was the person I was always meant to be.’

Sam Bloom Heartache and Birdsong SpinalCure Penguin BloomIn a split second it all changed.

Keen to share their love of adventure travel, Sam and Cameron took their 7, 9 and 10 year old sons on holiday, finding perfection in a remote rural village on the northern coast of Thailand. After a morning of swimming, laughing and playing on the beach, Sam took a moment to admire the view from the hotel observation deck. When the safety railing gave way she fell 6 metres, headfirst onto concrete.

She would never walk again.

In crippling pain, with no sense of taste or smell and dependent upon her husband and young sons for help with the smallest task, Sam descended into a depression so deep she considered how and when she could leave this world.

‘The core of my being had collapsed, I had reached the final stages of depression, everything life offered me tasted like dust’

How a broken little bird, fallen from the nest, came into their lives and stimulated a breakthrough in Sam’s recovery is forever remembered in Cameron Bloom and Bradley Trevor Greive’s bestselling book, and soon to be released film Penguin Bloom.

Penguin Bloom Sam Bloom Bradley Trevor Grieve book Heartache and Birdsong With the release of that book Sam was suddenly thrust into the spotlight. The shy and self-deprecating baker’s daughter was asked to share her story to ever expanding crowds. Having finished her first particularly nerve wracking presentation, she broke down, only to realise the audience was weeping with her.

In Sam Bloom: Heartache and Birdsong, her story is told with disarming honesty and an endearing sense of humour and accompanied by Cameron’s stunning imagery. She finds gratitude where she expected sympathy, and determination where there was helplessness. Speaking openly of depression, suicidal thoughts, guilt and anger, Sam addresses the universality of all sadness & loss:

‘I can’t teach you how to overcome pain and depression, because I’m still in pain and I continue to have my share of dark days.

But if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to remind you of something you’ve always known to be true.

Life is a fragile and precious thing.

Anything and everything can be taken away from you when you least expect it, through no fault of your own. And you don’t have to suffer a terrible accident like I did to feel lost, invisible, unlovable or broken. We all face difference challenges every day and life can be hard and painful for anyone.

Regardless of what happened to you and how much of your life you feel is missing, fight for whatever is left.’

Bookoccino is honoured to host Sam Bloom, in conversation with The Drum’s Ellen Fanning for a live interview delivered via webinar on 9th of September, from 7pm.

In troubled times, when isolation, loss and anxiousness threaten to de-rail us, Sam Bloom lifts us up with her soul saving story. We know you will be touched and strengthened by the honesty and resolve of this incredible woman.

Please pre-order your copy of Sam Bloom: Heartache and Birdsong below. Your order will give you access to our exclusive interview.

Access links will be sent on the morning of the 9th September, and again one hour prior.

Sam Bloom: Heartache and Birdsong is released on the 2nd of September 2020. We ship Australia wide for $10, or welcome you to pickup your copy instore. You will be notified when books are ready for collection or despatch.

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