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Q&A: Sally Tabner interviews Richard Flanagan [IN FULL]

SALLY: Question 7 covers a lot of ground – the life and work of HG Wells, the creation and detonation of the atomic bomb, a deep inquiry into your family history and identity, a
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China Night 2024

24 Nov 2023 Events
China is Australia’s biggest trade partner AND biggest security anxiety. Prime Minister Albanese’s visit to China was the first by an Australian prime minister in seven years. President Biden and Xi Jinping met in
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Top Cookbooks for 2023

23 Nov 2023 News & Reviews
2023 STAFF FAVOURITE The second book from Fred’s & Chez Panisse alumni Danielle Alvarez is fresh, inspiring and delicious! This is a book for people who love to cook. If you were lucky enough
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[SOLD OUT] Dinner with Paul Bangay

Join us for special dinner with pre-eminent garden designer Paul Bangay.Paul’s new book A Life in Garden Design is his most personal yet, celebrating his lifelong love of nature, beauty and creativity.   Enjoy
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Richard Flanagan in conversation with Richard Fidler

Our dear friend Richard Flanagan returns to Bookoccino for Question 7, a love story infused with vibrant memories and remnant’s of the author’s life, from his father’s time as a Japanese POW to the
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A gift that keeps giving

05 Nov 2023 News & Reviews
Everyone loves a gift that keeps giving. Choose a Bookoccino Book Subscription for the book-lover in your life.  We carefully select and guarantee our Book of the Month. We select from multiple genres with
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October Best Sellers

01 Nov 2023 News & Reviews
The Teacher’s Pet #^ The Definitive Guide to the Perimenopause and Menopause # Lola in the Mirror ^# Killing for Country: A Family Story # The Seven (#3 Buchanan and Lucic) # The Last
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Trent Dalton in conversation with Malcolm Knox

31 Oct 2023 Recent Events
Lola in the Mirror is Trent Dalton’s new novel. A powerful portrait of a young woman deciding between flight or fight, it is “is big, fast moving, blackly funny, violent, heartbreaking and ultimately beautiful”.
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MINI BOOK REVIEW – Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity, Dr. Peter Attia with Bill Gifford

A massively important book. With data and medical terminology, a manifesto to doctors to improve medical care, to move from treatment (Medicine 2.0) to prevention (3.0). At the same time, it is a book
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MINI BOOK REVIEW: Question 7 and Richard Flanagan

To be free I had to squeeze the convict blood out of me drop by drop, word by word, book by book.  The highlight of the year, a work with the power to change
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MINI BOOK REVIEW: Lola in the Mirror, Trent Dalton

20 Oct 2023 News & Reviews
Lola in the Mirror is one of those books that once you open it, you don’t want to put it down until you have devoured every single word. Dalton’s Brisbane is note perfect. He
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[SOLD OUT] Killing For Country – David Marr in conversation with Marian Wilkinson

One of the country’s most respected investigative reporters, David Marr discovers that his forebears were members of the Native Police and involved in atrocities during Australia’s Frontier War. Killing for Country: A Family Story
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[SOLD OUT] Lunch with Belinda Jeffery

12 Oct 2023 Recent Events
Belinda Jeffery is one of Australia’s best loved cookery writers and teachers. It is our great pleasure to welcome her to Bookoccino for a special in-store lunch party. We will be serving favourite Belinda
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[SOLD OUT] The Teacher’s Pet – Hedley Thomas talks to Raymond Bonner about his new book

Be the first to hear The Teacher’s Pet podcast creator Hedley Thomas talk about his new book. He take us back to the scene of the crime to talk about the journey to justice
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