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A beautiful book from the charming world of Gus Gordon

finding francois picture book

Every so often we come across a picture book that perfectly captures the frailty, wonder and joy of life. For little hearts and minds these books act as an anchor and a beacon, gently imparting wisdom and knowledge that will last a lifetime. Gus Gordon’s ‘Finding Francois’ is one of these special gems.

It is our pleasure to offer our customers the opportunity to preorder a copy of ‘Finding Francois’ and to have it personally inscribed by the author.

A tender and gently adventuruous gem about the power of friends to soothe aches big and small.
Alice, a little piglet, loves life with her grandmother, making lists and créme brûlée, organizing buttons, and taking walks. Still, Alice wishes she had a sister – or even a brother. So, she does the sensible thing: she writes a note, tucks it in a bottle, and tosses it into the river, where it drifts out to sea, is captured by an octopus, picked up by a seafull, and arrives at a faraway lighthouse. There, François, a little dog, lives with his dad. François is everything Alice could wish for in a friend, and soon the seas are busy with their bottled correspondence. But when a big changes comes, and Alice can’t bring herself to write François more letters, will the simple comforts of time, love and friendship restore the light to Alice’s life?



★ “Gordon’s sly humor and understanding of child logic (very reminiscent of William Steig’s) shine forth. . . . Elegant language, endearing characters, and irresistible images will warm hearts and minds with each reading.” —Kirkus (starred review)

★ “Endearing . . . Expressive . . . The precisely worded text, full of intriguing details, reads aloud beautifully. A heartening, memorable picture book.” —Booklist (starred review)

“Triumphant . . . Leavened throughout with gentle, tongue-in-cheek humor [amid a] central theme of enduring love.” —Publishers Weekly

“Charming . . . [A] soothing, kid-friendly approach to life after loss. . . . This is a warm, gentle story about resilience and how the bonds of friendship can mend the heart.” —SLJ

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