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“Green Dot” by Madeleine Gray 

14 Nov 2023 News & Reviews

Green Dot, Madeleine Gray 

In Green Dot, we follow Sydney-dweller and reluctant adult Hera as she starts a job as an online comments moderator. Hera both embodies and hyperbolises coming-of-age into adulthood today. She is riddled by insecurity, plagued by disillusionment and ironically self-aware, these qualities fuse into a craving for stability apparently held by married 40-something-year-old Arthur, whom she enters into a relationship with. Containing the thematic depth of Sally Rooney and Diana Reid, with the wry humour and witty narration of Dolly Aldteron and Emily Henry, Hera’s observations about modernity feel like an inside joke with the reader.

Green Dot is the perfect summer read, easy to consume but still quality.



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