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“Come and Get It” by Kiley Reid

15 Apr 2024 News & Reviews

Reid follows up on her very successful first novel, Such a Fun Age, with this snappy second novel follows the life of an ambitious university student who navigates with issues of socioeconomic class, power, race, sexuality, and money. Reid has created a diverse range of characters, allowing her to make social commentary on the intersection between them. The plausible depictions of university life render Come and Get It an appealing text for young adults – Reid tackles moral controversies through the light-hearted and humorous lens of students.

Come and Get It is an enjoyable and engaging read which surfaces questions about the place we each hold in society. The depth of Reid’s main characters, facilitate her ability to resonate with readers. Overall, the novel has both a gripping plotline and pertinent exploration of universal themes and inequalities as lived by college students.

– PJ
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