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Book of the Month – March 2024

Join us in appreciating The Extinction of Irena Rey, a wildly inventive literary novel by young American writer Jennifer Croft.

Eight translators arrive at the exotic home of their beloved author, the renowned Irena Rey. They are there to translate her magnum opus, Gray Eminence. An intense mood of reverence and anticipation prevails, but Irena is not herself, and mysteriously disappears.

The translators search the primeval Bialowieza forest, rifle through Irena’s possessions and reveal themselves to one another in new and uncomfortable ways. They translate the unwieldy novel and bicker, often hilariously. The Extinction of Irena Rey is a masterful commentary on the creative act and the art of translation. A clever, fresh and funny take on literature with echoes of Roberto Bolanoand Jorge Luis Borges.

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