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Ben MacIntyre visits Bookoccino

09 Mar 2023 News & Reviews

Ben McIntyre, the international best-selling author of true spy stories, stopped by Bookoccino on Tuesday, 7 March. For a limited time you can pickup a signed copy of your favourite spy thriller.         

The Spy and the Traitor tops our list. The best spy book I have ever read.’ Ray exclaims.Ben MacIntyre at Bookoccino with a customer
When British PM Margaret Thatcher met Mikhail Gorbachev for the first time, this double agent spy briefed both sides!

Bookoccino reader’s chose Agent Sonya for their book club. This is the true story of an ‘ordinary’ British housewife who plotted to kill Hitler; spied in Manchuria; helped Stalin get the bomb; and hid in plain sight.

Operation Mincemeatabout ‘the man who never was,’ recounts the most deceptive espionage operation of WWII; a major motion picture with Colin Firth.

Ben‘s most recent book, Colditz: Prisoners of the Castle is set in a Gothic castle that the Nazis used as a POW camp.

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