This weeks competition for clever kids!

20 Jul 2021 News

Ok kids, we know that homeschool and get a bit dull, and everyday feels like Groundhog Day (look that one up!). So we’re injecting a few incentives, like free books, VIP hot chocolate passes, gift vouchers and more to keep you feeling creative and motivated.

It works like this:

  1. choose a challenge
  2. create
  3. email your entry to by Thursday night each week
  4. winners announced Friday!
  5. repeat every week until lockdown is over!

When this lockdown ends we will publish your work and sell the book at Bookoccino! We hope it will be an awesome reminder of what clever, resilient and creative people you are.



comic cartoon of superhero


Create a comic book…
Go nuts. Draw 5, 10 pages or more. Give us heroes, villains, superbugs and epic sagas. 

Best entry wins a $30 gift voucher

Pets animated

Write a short story from your pet’s perspective…
Between 500 and 1000 words

The best story wins a free book

Portmanteau definition


Invent 10 words. Include a phonetic and a definition.

Best entry wins hot chocolates for a month



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